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Careers & Culture

Why Work at Healthcare Holdings of America?

HHA is making a splash in the healthcare industry. One of our entities, Senior Market Advisors, was ranked #3758 in 2017 and #1279 in 2018 on the Inc 5000. We’re one of the fastest growing companies in the country and still have room to expand!

Our rapid growth means that there is never a shortage of things to do around here, which means there are plenty of opportunities for growth for our team-members, too! At HHA, you can be incredibly successful as long as you are willing to put your best foot forward and create change. 

We are headquartered in Nashville, TN, but we also have offices in Tucson, AZ, and Greensboro, NC. Our HQ has everything you’ll need to succeed such as the latest and greatest office technologies, a beer fridge, massage chairs, and of course, nerf guns!

Our Culture

Our culture is one of the biggest keys to our success. We have a casual dress code, we play games during our down time, we celebrate our accomplishments with beer & laughs, and we have a dedicated “Director of People & Culture” organizing it all. 

We also have a charity committee, a party planning comittee, and a yearbook committe. Our charity committee sets up volunteer events throughout the year that all employees are invited to participate in. Employees are permitted to take time off of work to attend charity events without having to lose paid vacation days. Our party planning committee brainstorms and plans various holiday parties throughout the year as well as special events such as baby showers and our CEO's birthday. We also release a yearbook at the end of every calendar year, including photos of all the employees, superlatives, and great content about all of our successes from the year. The committee members alternate every quarter, so there are planty of ways for everyone to get involved at HHA!

Our culture revolves around our pillars for success, which are:

Philanthropy: We believe in serving the underserved by giving our time and resources to those who need it.

Excellence: We strive to be the best versions of ourselves, both individually and collectively.

Innovation: We seek to challenge the status quo as leaders in creativity and ingenuity.

Fun: We believe in celebrating our successes, growing from our mistakes, and when needed, being just a little bit silly.

Healthcare Holdings of America

Meet The Strategy Team

After a humble start in 2007, HHA is now nearing 100 employees across all of our brands.  Meet the high-level decision makers who are leading our organization into success.

Jeff Pitta

Jeff Pitta

Corporate Strategy

Jeff Pitta is the founder of one of the fastest growing companies in the healthcare industry - Healthcare Holdings of America. Jeff embraces change with an unparalleled passion. Jeff looks beyond industry standards and says, “there is a better way.” Jeff and his team are making waves in the health industry. While sales development is clearly Jeff's strong suite, redesigning and reengineering the playing field will be his legacy.Sample Description

Brandon Clay

Brandon Clay

Sales Strategy

Brandon Clay is an author, speaker, sales strategist, and coach that we are excited to be working with in 2020. He's also the VP of Health Sales at One Life America and has worked for XLHealth and Cigna in related sales roles. Sample Description

Drew Gurley

Drew Gurley

Marketing & Telesales Strategy

Drew has been a leader in the financial services space for over a decade. With expertise in a wide range of areas, Drew has been able to help develop Senior Market Advisors and Healthcare Holdings of America into the organization that it is today. Today, Drew's focus is on developing our marketing and telesales sectors.

Tori Buckman

Tori Buckman

Corporate Integration

Tori communicates with everyone throughout the company to integrate the strategies and projects set forth by the strategy team. When she's not working, Tori is on a mission to visit what feels like thousands of coffee shops in Middle Tennessee. Tori loves plants and is best at keeping her seven cacti alive.